About the Department

Since it was set up within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1984, the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Marmara University has continually developed, becoming one of the major departments offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the area of political science and international relations. Today, with its more than 30 full-time instructors, it offers a rich variety of courses to more than 500 students who are selected through a highly competitive national exam. In addition to its full-time staff, the Department is supported by an adjunct faculty that consists of members coming from various other departments of the university as well as other institutions. The expertise and the specialized knowledge they contribute form a valuable part of the curriculum.

The department offers BA and MA degrees in political science and international relations along with the PhD degree in international relations. The language of instruction in the BA and MA programs is English, whereas doctoral seminars are conducted in Turkish. 

The department believes that an interdisciplinary approach equips the student with the needed theoretical and analytical tools not only in terms of their career expectations, but also with respect to the rapidly changing dynamics of world politics. Therefore, a wide range of courses, as varied as economics, sociology, Turkish politics and international organizations is offered by staff members, who themselves have diverse academic and research backgrounds.

A high percentage of the graduates find employment in the banking and finance sector, where the University enjoys a well-earned reputation. That standing is also reflected by the fact that its students are recruited on a regular basis each year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Still other students pursue their doctoral studies in various institutions in Turkey and abroad. 

The department works in collaboration with the European Union Institute, enabling students to acquire in-depth knowledge of various aspects of European Union politics and Turkish-EU relations.

The department is also a part of the Erasmus exchange program. At present, it has exchange agreements with over thirty European universities.

Part of the academic staff is also active in the Center for International Relations (MURCIR), which organizes seminars, conferences and other activities that enhance the basic curriculum. Over the years the Department has also developed close relations with other universities abroad, indicating its commitment to provide an enriched and diverse educational experience called for by the twenty first century.

Overall, the objective of the Department is to provide the student with the intellectual depth and the analytical skills that are needed in a dynamic and challenging world, where acuity in confronting the political, social, cultural and economic issues that characterize the present era is increasingly called for.


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