Letter from the Chair

ErhanDogan[3207].jpg (179 KB)The Department of Political Science and International Relations is pleased to open its program to students from Turkey and abroad. Our program consists of a wide range of courses which, taken as a whole, reflect the current agenda in the international political system – one which has been undergoing tectonic changes for some time, posing real challenges to policy-makers as well as students of politics.

Our students enjoy the added advantage of being able to take various electives from other departments, which themselves have a proven track record. This not only gives them the competitive edge they need in the job market, but also enables them to consider a series of career options that would not ordinarily be available to them.

The Department especially continues to broaden its links with the European universities through the Erasmus student exchange program. At present, we have exchange agreements with over thirty European universities at various levels and this number increases constantly with new partners. 

The fact that Marmara University offers programs in English, German and French is not only another source of attraction for future applicants who might be interested in cross-cultural experience in a community of nations, but also an indicator of the University’s commitment to deepening international cooperation and understanding.

The students at Marmara University can also participate in a large number of cultural and artistic activities as the University is located in Istanbul, the largest metropolis in Turkey.  With a population of over 14 million, the city itself, whose importance has remarkably increased over the last twenty years, is a bustling centre of trade and finance. In addition to such activities, the city also hosts major international conferences, meetings and fairs. Thus, re-emergence of Istanbul as a principle financial centre in recent decades draws many individuals from not only the neighbouring countries, but also ones from Eurasia and Africa.

It is probably no exaggeration to point out that both the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Marmara University and the overall urban setting form an inspiring and motivating environment for the intellectually curious student.

Prof. Erhan Doğan

Department Chair


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