PhD Programme

Please contact M.U. Institute of Social Sciences to get information about the application procedure, dates and necessary documents for the Ph.D. Programme.

Phone: +90 (216) 418 72 42
Fax: +90 (216) 348 34 90

Departmental Contact: Res. Assist. Beyhan Çağrı Tuzcuoğlu

Attention for the Ph.D. Programme Candidate Students

1- The medium of education in the Ph.D. programme is Turkish.

2- Students should take four elective courses each semester.

3- An additional written exam will be held to help the evaluation of the oral exam results when recruiting the candidate Ph.D. students into the programme . Please consult the Institute of Social Sciences or departmental contact point for detailed information


Please click here for the weekly course schedule of 2019-2020 academic year, Fall term (in Turkish). 

Please click here for course descriptions.

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